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What do we hold data on?

We hold data on all aspects of the UK higher education (HE) landscape.

This includes information about students, staff and graduates; finances and estates; academic departments and courses; and public engagement and commercial enterprises.

You can consult our Definitions pages for an overview of the data we hold. We also publish more detailed, technical specifications of the data we collect. These are intended to support providers submitting data to us, but they may help you gain a deeper understanding of what we can offer. To access these technical specifications, visit our Data collection section, choose a data stream and then click on the Data specification link. This will give you only the current year's data items; you can also find historical information to see the data we collected in previous years.

Can we provide data on...

Applicants to universities and other higher education (HE) providers?

We have limited data on applicants provided to us by UCAS. This is available in our publication, 'Higher Education Statistics for the UK'.

UCAS can provide more detailed data on applications.

Further education (FE) students studying at HE providers?

We have limited data on FE students studying at higher education providers. These are students studying a course at an HE provider which is of equal or lower level to a GCE A Level, SCE Higher or ONC/OND.

Data about the FE sector can be found from:

For 1972 to 1993/94, Further Education Statistical Record (FESR) collected data from the former polytechnics and HE colleges – further information in this area is available from The Department for Education. In addition to this, we produced the publication 'Higher Education Statistics for the United Kingdom' for 1992/93, in conjunction with the Government Statistical Service. The volume for 1994/95 also includes a supplement to cover 1992/93.

Graduate salaries?

We collect data on graduate salaries and other aspects of their post-study employment. We collect this data as part of our Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey.

Data is available from 2002/03 onwards.

Tuition fees?

We do not have robust data on tuition fees. We can provide information about whether students are eligible for home or overseas fees, and the major source for their fees and funding.

Student loans/debt?

We provide limited data about loans in our publication, 'Higher Education Statistics for the UK'. This data is provided to us by the Student Loans Company, who can provide further information.

Drop-out rates?

We produce information on non-continuation rates. This captures students who do not progress from one year to the next. There are two methods we can apply:

  • The Performance Indicator method only applies to UK domiciled undergraduate entrants. It describes what the student is doing the year after they enter HE. It uses fuzzy matching to track students.
  • The Unistats method applies to all within the HESA standard registration population, except postgraduate research students and students on professional or non-credit bearing courses.

If you have any queries about this, or require any further data, please contact us.

Tariff points or average A Level / Highers points scores?

Data is available on the tariff points and A Level points held by students from their relevant highest qualifications on entry to an HE provider. This data tells you what students achieved; it does not necessarily indicate the qualification required for entry to their programme of study.

Student/staff ratios?

We can produce student / staff ratios on an ad hoc basis. These are available at sector or provider level, and by cost centre. Please contact us for more information.

Geographical location of institution or domicile?

We can provide data on the location of providers or domicile of students. This can be offered at different granularities: from geographical region down to sector postcode.

The location of provider information is based on the postcode of the provider's headquarters. Region of provider is then derived using Office of National Statistics lookup tables. The most popular data requested on the location of provider is for region, but we can also provide this at county/unitary authority level.

The location of domicile data is similarly based on the postcode of domicile. Our standard domicile data is at county/unitary authority level, but this can be provided from a broad UK / non-UK level right down to sector postcode.

For the most part we would recommend that geographical data is used based upon one of our standard groups in order for data to remain comparable. However we can create a specific location grouping for you if required.

Please contact us if you require any further information on the geographical data we hold.