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HE Impact: Local Level Report

Map the flow of HE students and graduates into and out of your chosen location (sample chart from report)

Our HE Impact: Local Level Report provides essential information on the movement of students and graduates into and out of your chosen location. It includes data measures to support graduate retention and local enterprise strategies. It also informs accommodation and services planning for local communities.

Please note that we also tailor data packages for commercial and public sector organisations to suit exact business needs. 

Your challenge as a local council

Universities and other higher education (HE) providers play an important role in driving local economic growth. They attract people and businesses, as well as developing knowledge and skills for commercial innovation. As a local authority you're challenged with driving this growth in a sustainable way, whilst managing the impact it has on your resident populations.   

Our solution

The HE Impact: Local Level Report provides geographically specific information to support evidence-based planning for the challenges outlined above. The report includes up to seven years of the most recent data on the flow of students and graduates into and out of your chosen location. From where they come from to what they're studying, to the type of accommodation in which they're living, the data offers valuable information for strategic decision-making.

The report is delivered in Excel format with pivot tables. Summarised findings are shown in charts and graphs - ideal for sharing in presentations and publications. Interactive dashboards and raw data enable more detailed analysis and bespoke manipulations.

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We have two world-class universities on our doorstep and 67,000 students. We’re committed to retaining our graduate-level talent. HESA's data is a critical evidence base and ensures our graduate retention strategy is driven by solid information. Steven Heales, Employment and Skills, Nottingham City Council

Essential information about three HE populations

The report includes measures (outlined below) of three groups who have or are currently engaged in HE:

  • Graduates from across the UK who are employed in your chosen location after 6 months.
  • HE students living in your chosen location in term time.
  • HE students with a home address in your chosen location prior to moving into HE.

Valuable insights into ...

The report is made up of a range of data measures across the three populations outlined above. These have been selected based on our research into the information that you as a local authority require for effective planning around the impact of higher education. They include:

Graduate Retention

Graduate retention

Those graduates staying in your area for employment, and those moving elsewhere.

Graduate Employment

Graduate employment

The industries employing graduates in your locale and the job roles they're moving into.

HE Qualifications

HE qualifications

Information about degree subject areas (including STEM subjects), levels and attainments.

HE Provider

HE provider

See the providers your student populations are studying at, under which local authorities.



Measures of ethnicity, age and gender and background, including low-participation markers.



Discover where your term-time students are living locally and in what type of housing.

Next steps and pricing

The HE Impact: Local Level Report is priced at £499 (plus VAT).

To speak to a HESA expert about tailoring the report to your chosen location, simply contact us on [email protected] or +44(0)1242 211133. You can also use the 'Ask a question' link below.

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