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Subject Benchmarking Report

Our Subject Benchmarking Report provides you with thorough information about how a particular subject is performing at your organisation, at competitor organisations, and across the sector as a whole.

The report will support you in strategic planning, particularly around introducing and amending programmes, and in setting and evaluating recruitment targets.

About the report

The report is compiled around three main areas:

  • Students
  • Qualifiers
  • Destinations.

We provide each of these streams of information at client, competitor and sector level.

You can customise your report to include up to 10 competitors. We can include further customisation - such as choosing tariff bandings - if this is required.

Each report will be delivered in Adobe *.pdf format with a full set of Excel tables. You will be able to perform further analysis on the data should you wish, or the report can be presented directly to senior management.

Sample bespoke data report: Space Travel for Poppleton University

Sample report

Our sample report covers Space Travel at Poppleton University.

Download sample report: Space Travel for the Poppleton University

The report includes:

  • Extended time series of first year students and qualifiers
  • In-depth entry profile, international market share and continuation status analysis
  • Achievement of first degree qualifiers, and analysis comparing classification of first degree with a student's entry qualifications
  • Evaluation of further student retention rates, and types of employment graduates go into (including salary and mobility information).

Ordering and pricing

We will agree the timescale for delivering your report during the order process. We aim to supply all reports within five working days, subject to our other commitments.

Each report costs £325. We can offer discounts for multiple reports.

You can order a report by email. Please specify the subject, competitors, and any other customisation you require.

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