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Products and services

Data Consultancy

HESA Data Consultancy offers a bespoke consultancy service that supports you in using higher education data and our sector expertise to answer your key questions.

Tailored Datasets

HESA Tailored Datasets provides information and analysis to your exact requirements. We design it with you, then produce your dataset or analytical report so you get exactly what you need. 

Data Insight Products

Our brand new suite of Data Insight Products provide relevant and timely insights into the higher education student market.

Workforce Explorer

Our advanced, analytical dashboard suite available within Heidi Plus. Discover Workforce Explorer now.  

Heidi Plus

Heidi Plus is our business intelligence tool. It allows you to create powerful visualisations from our data. Heidi Plus is currently available to HE providers and sector organisations.


We provide a variety of live, web-based and bespoke training opportunities, helping you respond to the statutory data requirements of your provider.

Open Data

We publish readily available data on all aspects of the UK higher education sector through our Open Data Strategy. Explore our Open Data now.