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Progression through HE: University and Workplace Outcomes

Where are your pupils now?

Have you ever wondered what happened to your post-16 pupils when they left your school or college? Did they go on to university to study a higher education degree and how well did they do? Were they successfully employed after graduation?

Progression through HE Analytical Insights

We appreciate gathering such data for every pupil, year on year, can be a complex, time consuming and expensive task. We also understand how important these insights are for both your prospective and current pupils and their parents when considering longer-term education and career prospects. 

If you would like a deeper understanding of your pupils' university and workplace outcomes, using robust data to support your business-critical challenges, contact our team today to explore your Progression through HE report.

Would understanding these metrics help shape your careers advice, marketing and pupil recruitment strategies?

  • Which universities did they attend?
  • What degree classifications did they achieve?
  • How many pupils went on to graduate?
  • Were they successfully employed 6 months after graduation?

The Progression through HE report is an informative, analytical dashboard suite providing click-of-a-button insights explaining what happened to your post-16 pupils at university and beyond. Give your marketing power a boost, try some sample pages from HESA's Progression through HE report before you buy using Tableau Public.


Progression through HE report

For full details of what is included in the report, download the Progression through HE report product sheet:  SEE PRODUCT SHEET

Demonstrate your impact on pupil outcomes:

  • Careers guidance opportunities - Better understand how well you have prepared your pupils for further study and subsequent employment by analysing trends over time.  
  • Increased marketing power - Show prospective students and their parents how you have contributed to previous pupil cohort's outcomes.  
  • Competitive advantage - Benchmark your pupil outcomes against 3-5 competitors of your choice and the national average to empower your decisions and organisational planning.  
  • Shared knowledge - Easily interrogate and seamlessly share your interactive dashboard insights with colleagues and heads of departments.  

The Progression through HE report: University and Workplace Outcomes



Which universities did your pupils attend? What proportion of these universities were in the Russell Group?



Which subjects did your pupils study at university? What proportion of these were STEM subjects?



Did your pupils continue their studies after their entry year? If not, what percentage dropped out?



What qualifications did your pupils obtain? What degree classification did your first degree students achieve? 



What did your pupils do after graduation? What proportion were either employed or in further study?


Employment outcome

What proportion of your pupils went into employment following graduation? What salary did they achieve? 

Price - £1,500 (+ VAT)* 

*Introductory offer for 2019 only.   


Delivery format and timelines

Evaluate your impact on pupil outcomes to help shape your careers advice, marketing and pupil recruitment strategies.

The Progression through HE report is delivered in Tableau format giving you the ability to easily interrogate the dashboard suites. You can access the product by downloading Tableau reader (version 10.5 or above) free of charge.  

Should you wish to analyse and present your findings outside of the Progression through HE report, you can export the unrounded data files to Excel for internal analysis while the images can also be exported for marketing and presentation materials.

Click here for more information on how the product can be used. 

Contact HESA for further information 

Should you wish to discuss this product’s suitability for your school or college or would like to place an order contact us on  [email protected] or call +44(0)1242 211 133. 


About HESA

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