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Heidi Plus – higher education intelligence for alternative HE providers

In January 2018, a dedicated service offer of the Heidi Plus higher education data exploration and visualisation tool became available to alternative provider HESA subscribers, at no additional cost to their subscription.

For the first time, summary data from the AP Student and DLHE records is available in Heidi Plus along with the equivalent data sets covering all publicly-funded HE providers. This enables interactive benchmarking of not only similar alternative providers to your own institution, but also with all other UK providers of designated HE courses.  Whatever your data and analysis capability, Heidi Plus gives you unrivalled insight about, for example, student recruitment, widening participation, and graduate employment.

By May 2018, 16 alternative providers were using the customisable format and readymade dashboards of Heidi Plus, and many more are about to come on board.

example visualisation representing numbers of students at APs

Applying for Heidi Plus

Complete the Heidi Plus application form now

Alternative HE providers can apply for Heidi Plus, right now. The process to gain access to this service begins once we have received you enquiry:

  • Step 1: application form and and the identification of lead contacts
  • Step 2: complete an information security questionnaire
  • Step 3: attendance at mandatory lead contact data protection webinar
  • Step 4: signature of organisational and lead contact agreements
  • Step 5: access granted - welcome to Heidi Plus!

Other support for alternative HE providers

image of a young man in front of Pearson College illuminated sign

Case study 1: How Pearson College London uses HESA data to more
accurately benchmark KPIs against public and private sector companies

What is included in the alternative HE provider version of Heidi Plus?

All alternative HE providers who submit data to the HESA Student and DLHE records will receive summary data from these data collections, including the data of all other alternative HE providers and publicly-funded providers, via the Heidi Plus portal. The drag-and-drop software means you can easily create informative analytical insights as required by your institution, to track competitive advantage and inform priorities. This includes benchmarking, key performance indicators, organisational management, student recruitment, tracking widening participation, and marketing and business planning.

dancers on stage of a theatre school

Case study 2: How Arts Educational Schools gained insight
from the HESA Student record and DLHE survey

When will the collections be available?

The alternative HE provider Student and DLHE data are both now available via Heidi Plus. Both are part of the Heidi Plus data sets made available to all UK HE providers.

What support will be given to alternative HE providers?

Training for Heidi Plus

To support you during the rollout of Heidi Plus for alternative HE providers and to enable your staff to make effective use of the service, Heidi Plus training events and webinars are also available from HESA’s in-house training team. 

Jisc activity

A complementary initiative by Jisc – ‘Analytics Labs for APs’ – is a unique CPD opportunity which enhances participant competencies in data analysis, while creating a range of new data dashboards specifically designed to meet the information needs of HE APs. The first cohort has been selected and will produce dashboards and data visualisations from February to May 2018. These AP-specific dashboards will be considered to become a part of the Heidi Plus community dashboards suite.

In addition, Jisc has developed a subscription offer for HEFCE recognised alternative HE providers to give full access to the thought leadership (training, practical support, working groups, R&D projects) aspects of Jisc, as well as some technical services. Jisc has also developed more affordable access to the Janet high-speed network, just for alternative HE providers. Janet is the busiest National Education and Research Network (NREN) in Europe, annually carrying over 1.5 PBytes of information.

young female ballet dancer

Case study 3: How Ballet West gained UK-wide competitive
advantage from becoming an elective HESA subscriber

What additional HESA services are available to alternative HE providers?

APs have the option to upgrade access to the full suite of HE data sets including staff, estates and finances, at a cost of £2,000+VAT until July 2019, for subscriptions taken out before 30 June 2018 (usually 12 months only).

Why should alternative HE providers subscribe to HESA?

If you’re not already subscribing to HESA and would like to take advantage of these benefits, visit How to subscribe to HESA.

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