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Frequently asked questions

What information is included in Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus contains information collected by us about students, graduates, staff, finances, estates, and business and community interactions. This information covers the entire UK HE sector.

Heidi Plus allows you to see sector-level trends, as well as data about individual providers which can be used for benchmarking purposes.

Data is available for the most recent year. Historical data is also included where appropriate.

Who can access Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus is freely available to all HE providers with a full HESA subscription. Not-for-profit HE sector bodies can also subscribe to Heidi Plus for the purposes of research and policy making.

Heidi Plus is available to staff at these subscribing organisations.

More information about accessing Heidi Plus is available on our Subscription Information page.

What user levels are there in Heidi Plus?

There are three user levels in Heidi Plus: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These levels determine how much of the data and functionality within Heidi Plus you can access.

  • Bronze users can view existing dashboards and data visualisations created by us, but they cannot create their own or access detailed data sets.
  • Silver users can create visualisations and reports. They can also access the detailed data sets which do not contain personal information: finances, estates and business and community interactions.
  • Gold users can in addition access the detailed data sets which contain personal information: students, graduates and staff. Gold users are required to undertake data protection training before they are able to access this data.

Your user level will be determined by your business requirements through discussion with your lead contact. We do not grant users access to information that they have no requirement for.

What support is there for using Heidi Plus?

We support providers in getting the most from Heidi Plus.

You can contact the Heidi Plus team with any queries you may have about the system.

We run regular Heidi Plus Essential training courses to induct new users of the system. These courses mix theory and practical elements to give you an opportunity to understand and explore the system.

For more advanced users, we aim to curate within Heidi Plus examples of best practice from the community. The hope is that this will allow providers to see how others in the sector are using Heidi Plus’s functionality.

What is the future of Heidi Plus?

Heidi Plus launched on 30 November 2015 and we are currently supporting providers who are new to the system.

We are actively developing new shared dashboards to answer some of your key business questions. We will also be transferring heidi datasets and historical data into Heidi Plus.

Future developments of the system are monitored and supported by the heidi Stakeholder Group.

Who developed Heidi Plus?

The development of Heidi Plus is one strand of a larger project that we are working on with Jisc. This project seeks to improve business intelligence capabilities within the HE sector.

Another strand of this project is Heidi Lab, which uses HESA and other data sources to solve problems and aid decision making. We aim to make some of the dashboards created by the Heidi Lab teams available to Heidi Plus users.

What is the relationship between heidi and Heidi Plus?

For many years, HESA offered a system called heidi (the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions). This system enabled HE providers to access, extract and manipulate data for essential planning and reporting.

Heidi Plus replaces the functionality offered by heidi, but is an entirely new tool in its own right. There is no need to have been a user of heidi to understand and use Heidi Plus.

How do I access Heidi Plus? How do I change my user credentials?

Once you have become a user of the system, you can login directly to Heidi Plus.

If you need to change your password or other user details, you can log in to our Identity System.

Heidi Plus user? Log in here

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