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heidi Stakeholder Group

This page contains the terms of reference for the heidi Stakeholder Group.

We also publish the minutes and papers from the meetings.

1) Purpose

The heidi Stakeholder Group exists to:

  • Advise the HESA Board on the quality of the service provided through Heidi Plus for the user community
  • Identify and prioritise areas for the on-going development of Heidi Plus and related services
  • Represent the Heidi Plus user community and offer advice and feedback to HESA to ensure that the service continues to meet requirements and aspirations of users.

2) Responsibilities

The heidi Stakeholder Group will:

  • Monitor the ongoing performance levels in the delivery of the Heidi Plus service (including user support) by HESA
  • Provide strategic direction and guidance with regard to the delivery, development and review of Heidi Plus
  • Advise upon, prioritise and review plans for development
  • Provide user advice and input to HESA with regard to detailed operation, maintenance and development issues
  • Provide an annual report to the HESA Board on the operation and development of the heidi service
  • Champion the wider use of Heidi Plus throughout the HE sector
  • Consider the access policy for Heidi Plus and make recommendations to the HESA Board.
  • Where relevant, represent the specialist interests of particular sub communities of users.

3) Membership

  • Membership has been drawn from HESA subscribing providers to ensure that there is a mixture of hands-on users and those with a more strategic level of responsibility and insight with a range of representation across functional areas and geographically. Membership will include representation from HESA.
  • Formally membership will be offered to individuals not the organisations of which they are employees. If a member opts to leave the group before the duration of their tenure then that place will not necessarily be allocated to another representative of that organisation. However, membership is chosen to provide a broad representation of different users' communities within the HE sector, with UK-wide coverage. Replacement members will therefore be selected with a view to maintaining that representation.
  • As a group reporting to the HESA Board, HESA will nominate the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Group from the non-HESA members. The Chair and Deputy Chair will serve for a period of three years.
  • HE provider representatives will normally serve for a period of four years. HE provider representatives may be re-appointed once, after which a two-year period must elapse before they are eligible for further appointment.
  • Exceptionally, in order to ensure an appropriate ongoing balance between membership turnover and continuity, four members will be invited to step down after two years to be replaced by new members.

The current membership list is as follows:

  • Giles Carden, Director of Strategic Planning & Analytics, University of Warwick (Chair)
  • Mike Clark, Director of Estates & Facilities Management, University of Brighton
  • Andrew McConnell, Director of Finance, University of Huddersfield (HESA Board member)
  • Amanda Watson, Assistant Director of Planning, University of Sunderland
  • Laura Knox, Statistical Analysis & Benchmarking Manager, St Andrews University
  • Julie Leeming, Senior Strategic Planning Officer, St George's University of London
  • Gary Drake, Business Intelligence Analyst, University of Plymouth
  • Joanna Brooks, Director of Human Resources, Roehampton University
  • Alan Roberts, Policy Development Manager, National Union of Students
  • Kathryn Heywood, Business Intelligence Manager, Durham University

HESA staff will attend the Stakeholder Group meetings as necessary.

4) Frequency

The heidi Stakeholder Group will meet twice each year at the HESA offices in Cheltenham, and on an ad-hoc basis if this is needed. Expenses for meeting attendance will be paid by HESA.

5) Reporting lines

The heidi Stakeholder Group reports directly to the HESA Board through the HESA Chief Executive.

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