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Webinars and e-learning

We are increasing our presence in the virtual training environment.

We have a track record of delivering high-quality training events around the country. We are now committed to replicating that high-quality training through webinars focusing on the collection and analysis of higher education data.

Throughout the 2018/19 academic year HESA will be preparing to operate as the Designated Data Body in England, while continuing to serve the higher education sector in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. As part of this work we are undertaking a review of the training provision that we offer, and during this time we will be offering a limited programme of seminars, webinars and bespoke visits.

E-learning courses

Privacy - these e-learning courses require a name and email address to identify you and remember your progress. The courses use e-learning software provided by Easygenerator. Only HESA staff will have access to logs and records, and will only use this information to administer and monitor use of the system. Please see the HESA Privacy information page for more information on how we processes personal data.


Student 2019/20 (Data Futures) specification

Introduction to Graduate Outcomes contact details record

Heidi Plus Data Protection for Gold users

Heidi Plus Data Protection for Lead Contacts

Recorded training videos

We have several recorded training videos available to watch.

Upcoming webinars