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We have a track record of delivering high-quality training events around the country. We are committed to replicating that high-quality training through e-learning that focusses on the collection and analysis of your statutory data returns. We offer live and interactive webinars, online short-courses that you can complete in your own time, and recorded webinars.

Upcoming webinars

Online short courses

Introduction to ITT (C19053)

Introduction to the Unistats Record 2019

Student (Data Futures) specification 2018

Introduction to Graduate Outcomes (C17071) contact details record

Heidi Plus Data Protection training for Gold users 2019

Heidi Plus Data Protection training for Lead Contacts 2019

Introduction to the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Record (HE-BCI) 2019

Introduction to the Finance Record 2019

Introduction to the Aggregate Offshore Record (AOR) (C18052)

Introduction to the Provider Profile Record 2019

An Introduction to the Higher Education Statistics Agency 2019

Recorded webinars

Aggregate Offshore Record webinar: 2017/18

HESA Student record - Apprenticeships webinar: 2017/18

HESA system tutorials

XML data entry tool: 2015/16

The HESA Data Collection System: 2019

Which IDS role do I need? The Data Collection System roles explained: 2019

The HESA Validation Kit: 2019

How to use Minerva: 2019

How to use the HESA data entry tool: 2019

HESA Identity System (IDS): 2019

Privacy statement

The software that we use for our short-courses is provided by Easygenerator. To complete our short-courses you will need to provide some personal information (name and email address), this will allow you to take a break and return to the course in your own time. Only HESA staff will have access to your personal information, and we will only use this information to administer and monitor the use of our courses.

Please see the HESA Privacy information page for more information on how we process personal data.

Contact the Training team

Contact us by email

T : +44 (0)1242 211452