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HESA’s monthly training update provides a digest of training and support across the HESA collection and systems, as well as additional content and insights into HESA.

Every month we will provide updates on:

  • New and updated e-learning
  • Blogposts on additional content
  • Upcoming webinars, including advanced and post-collection webinars

Planned additional content includes: information on bespoke visits, case studies, top tips, deep dives, and insight pieces covering the full suite of HESA’s data collection and dissemination.

Please note, if you have an IDS role you will still receive all operational updates via the HESA weekly update.

You can opt out at any time. Please see our privacy notice for more information.

We will not use email addresses collected for this purpose for anything else, and we won’t share your email address with anyone else.

Sign up for HESA training updates