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Subscription to HESA for alternative HE providers

Subscribing to HESA means that a provider’s data will be validated and assured to the same standards as every publicly-funded university and those alternative HE providers that are obliged to make data submissions to the agency.

The data will therefore be robust and comparable - allowing for benchmarking against competitors in both the public and private sector. Data can be used for organisational management and marketing purposes - DLHE, Unistats and TEF give the chance for the wider public to find out more about other submitting providers, their courses, students and outcomes. Institutions also use HESA data to investigate admission patterns, continuation rates and achievement data, and for gaining valuable insight that supports – and even leads – their own internal planning.

Since January 2018, subscribing to HESA also enables alternative HE providers to access a dedicated service offer of the Heidi Plus higher education data exploration and visualisation tool.

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