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Revision Histories

The revision history record for each collection lists changes and additions to the data collection specification and supporting documentation.

Filters to customise the revision history records displayed are available in order to show only revision history records pertaining to derived fields or to collected fields, a single selected revision, or only a particular type of change. These filters can be used in combination. A free text search is available to aid in locating changes pertaining to elements that match the search criteria.

There is also an option to view the revision history for the selected collection as a summary of the changes made, this is referred to as the 'Notification Log', to view this form of the revision history select that option from the filters and options shown below.

For users who wish to export the revision history (for example, in order to include the data in other systems or within their own records) there is an option to download the records in .csv file format.

If you need further help please contact Liaison.

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