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Data intelligence


  • Employment activity (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, King's College London misreported 145 leavers as being in further study whereas the majority were actually in employment.

    Destinations of leavers Employment activity
  • Qualifiers population - alternative providers (2015/16)

    London College of Business Sciences and Christie's Education Limited had no qualifiers in 2015/16, and therefore no DLHE data.

    Destinations of leavers
  • Teach out - alternative providers (2015/16)

    EThames Graduate School Limited, City of London College, London School of Business and Finance and West London College were on teach out at the point the 2015/16 DLHE data was collected. This means that new students were unable to access student support, but existing students were able to continue their studies with access to funding until completing. As a result, DLHE data was not expected to be returned.

    Destinations of leavers
  • Undergraduate student numbers (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The University of Surrey incorrectly reported approximately 190 Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic Medicine undergraduate students as being dormant. They were in fact qualifiers. Due to being marked as dormant, these qualifiers were excluded from the DLHE target population and therefore not surveyed.

    Destinations of leavers Level of study Subject of study