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Data intelligence


  • Non-continuation projected outcomes (2018/19 publication)

    The data for The Open University relating to projected outcomes in Table T5 has been suppressed as the first degree provision is relatively new and hence there are insufficient students in each year to inform a robust projection (applicable to table T5, 2018/19 publication)


    Performance Indicators Projected outcomes Non-continuation The Open University
  • State school indicator (2014/15 publication)

    From 2014/15, for new entrants, the last provider attended field (PREVINST) must contain a valid UKPRN or a valid generic code (see the HESA coding manual for details), rather than the historic UCAS, department and HESA school codes. These have been mapped to school type and grouped up to form the state school marker where appropriate. Where an unknown or invalid PREVINST code has been supplied, these students have been excluded from the calculations of the state school indicator. Due to the changes in the coding frame there is likely to an impact on the quality of the school type data.

    Performance Indicators State school indicator Performance indicators in heidi
  • State school indicator (2016/17 publication)

    Due to data coding issues relating to the state school indicator, Arden University have been excluded from this analysis (applicable to table series T1).

    Performance Indicators State school indicator Alternative Providers Experimental Statistics