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  • Full-time, foundation degree students (2010/11 to 2015/16)

    From 2010/11 to 2015/16 the University of Plymouth has had a significant reduction (a drop of 80%, approx. 7000 students) in their franchised student numbers following a change in guidance from HEFCE regarding the reporting of partnership arrangements.

    Student Level of study Mode of study
  • Overseas entry qualifications (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The University of Central Lancashire incorrectly reported entry qualifications for overseas students, this affects both Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students and has the effect of understating the prior qualifications of these students.

    Student Qualifications obtained Level of study Domicile
  • Part-time student credits (2015/16)

    From 2015/16 onwards, the University of Oxford changed the way that it awarded credit to students on some part–time courses, this caused a reduction in the number of students it reports to HESA.



    Student Mode of study
  • Postgraduate taught qualifiers (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The University of Glasgow moved the date the board of examiners approves the award for its Business school. This meant it fell outside of HESA's reporting period and specifically affected postgraduate taught qualifiers. This has contributed to a 50% reduction in full-time postgraduate taught qualifiers at the University of Glasgow. These will be returned in 2016/17.

    Student Qualifications obtained
  • Postgraduate taught students (2015/16)

    In 2015/16, The University of Birmingham changed the way it reported the final months of its Postgraduate taught students programmes. This has resulted in a visible decrease of both full-time and part-time Postgraduate taught student numbers at The University of Birmingham. These students now fall out of HESA’s standard populations where as previously they would have been included and now better align with HESA reporting requirements.

    Student Level of study Mode of study Population
  • Undergraduate student numbers (2015/16)

    Heythrop College has announced that they are currently unable to offer full undergraduate programmes for full or part-time study as announced on 26th June 2015. This has resulted in a significant drop in their student numbers for 2015/16.

    Student Level of study Mode of study
  • Veterinary Science students (2015/16)

    The University of Surrey admitted its first small cohort of undergraduates into its new School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014/15. In subsequent years the cohorts will be larger and the degree lasts for 5 years, so it is expected to see noticeable year on year increases in undergraduate numbers in Veterinary Science for The University of Surrey up until 2019/20.

    Student Level of study Subject of study