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HESA Subscription - FAQ

Why does an English Approved (fee cap) provider have a higher per-provider fee to pay than a Scottish provider involved in more collections?

The simple answer is that the total cost of data collection, assurance and dissemination is higher in England than in Scotland. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason is that cost drivers are more closely linked to provider numbers than student numbers. England has a much higher number of providers than the rest of the UK, making the costs higher for England than for other nations.

What do I need to pay this time round?

The amount invoiced in July is:

  • The Statutory subscription August 2020 - January 2021 (no VAT)
    • Including elements for the main subscription and Graduate Outcomes
  • a Heidi Plus subscription for August 2020 - July 2021

This is the cost of your HESA subscription for one subscription period, half of the academic year.

Why is my fee significantly different to my fee for the first subscription period of this year?

There are several resons for differences between invoices:

  • A different per-student rate applies to each subscription period.
  • For the subscription period beginning August 2020 Student numbers have been taken from the 18/19 Student or Student Alternative record. For the subscription period beginning February 2020 the 17/18 record was used.
  • Different elements of the subscription are charged at different points in the year, for instance, no fees for Optional Services are included.
  • Although rates are fixed, the annual cost of Graduate Outcomes is charged 60% in the August invoice and 40% in the February invoice.

Will we be charged the same fixed fee and per student charge for both subscription periods (i.e. over the year we'll be paying around twice this), or will the second half year be charges for other items?

The per-provider or fixed fee will remain constant for the year.

Due to our need to ensure that providers are only charged costs that have fallen within the relevant 12 month period, the per-student fee will vary at the next invoice to ensure that full costs are recovered, and providers are not over- or under-charged.

Why is a Data Futures charge included? 

Delivery of the Data Futures Programme is a Statutory requirement for HESA as part of its DDB status and as such, costs not funded by Grant income need to be recovered through the HESA subscription directly from Providers (as allowed for in the HERA). The ‘per student fee’ includes a contribution to this cost recovery.

For any other questions please contact [email protected]