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All HESA providers and their history

All HESA Providers

This page is host to a list of all providers who have submitted to HESA across all time (since HESA's creation). This is provided in the CSV file below including the provider name, INSTID and UKPRN. There is an enhanced version of the CSV file available for download that also includes country code, category name, FE Provider flag and rescinded (current) provider flag.  Additionally a fille containing only all current HESA providers can be downloaded in the enhanced version format (excluding the rescinded / current flag).





Machine readable, comma separated value, files are available from the following static URLs appended to

Provider History

This section will show the history of the specified provider, for a list of full list of providers and their associated INSTIDs please view All HESA Providers CSV file.

Enter the required INSTID below:

or enter a UKPRN:

or enter all or part of a provider's current 'published name':

Query results will display:


Effective From Date Action


Note that the ‘Effective From Date’ shown is the date from which the provider record or the change to the provider record became effective in the HESA database, this may, for example, differ from the date from which the change of name, merger or de-merger was legally effective (this could happen when a change is only to be effective for the next HESA collection period). For historic records the ‘Effective From Date’ may represent the beginning of the academic year in which the record was created or in which the change took place.

For any queries please contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531