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Tools and downloads

We have developed a number of tools and resources to enhance data expertise in providers and to support the data collection process.

We make these available here, along with some additional downloads to support providers.

  • Data capability toolkit: enables providers to understand and improve standards of data management and governance.
  • XML amalgamator tool (Amal tool): used to amalgamate multiple xml files.
  • Validation kits: used to test your data locally before submitting to us.
  • HUSID Look-up Service: used to find the HUSID of a student who has previously studied at a UK higher education provider.
  • Unistats dataset: the raw dataset which underlies the Unistats website. This includes information from the Key Information Set (KIS).
  • XML data entry tool: used to produce XML data in the correct format. This tool is available for some of our streams; where it is available, it can be downloaded from the relevant coding manual.