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Data collection

Data Futures: Alpha participant feedback

Matthew Lane from the Open University gives a second view as an Alpha participant and lessons learnt so far.

Data Futures: view from an Alpha participant

Daniel Norton, Assistant Registrar at Loughborough University provides his viewpoint on the journey so far as an Alpha participant on the Data Futures programme.

Detailed design coding manual (Data Futures): what it means for providers

Programme Director Rob Phillpotts announces the launch of the HESA Student record Coding manual (Data Futures) and the implications for the transition year. 

Collection Governance Consultation: your feedback

Alex Leigh discusses opening thoughts and thanks for the feedback from the initial consultation marking the launch of Collection Governance project

Lost in France: Negotiating Data Submission Maps and Language

With higher education providers preparing to submit data to HESA over the next few weeks, HESA’s Head of Training & Consultancy, Dan Kidd, offers advice on how to make the process considerably less painful than negotiating French town planning . . .

Data Futures readiness survey

We recently carried out the Data Futures readiness survey to help us learn more about how providers are preparing for in-year collection, and how we can best inform and update them. We received 138 responses, providing us with vital feedback that will ensure we can address queries from providers now as we head into the Alpha pilot and towards implementation and transition.

Thoughts on in-year data collection: what’s next for Data Futures?

As the end of the detailed design phase approaches, Programme Director Rob Phillpotts discusses in-year data collection and the opportunity for innovation in higher education.

Collection Governance: feedback from Scotland

The Collection Governance project team visited Scotland to meet with the Institutional Group on Statistics and discuss the current consultation on a Code of Practice (CoP) for data collectors.

Understanding the burden of data collection

Andy Youell discusses how the Collection Governance project is deepening our understanding of data collection across the HE sector, to provide options for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

What do we mean when we talk about data governance?

Data governance is at the heart of effective data collection and dissemination - the collection govenance project will present and agree a sector wide model of best practice.