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HESA Collections


Introduction - Background information relating to the collection

Data Protection Guidance - Information about how Data Protection legislation affects the processing of Student data by HESA.

Collection Dates

Data Collection Schedule - Details of the key dates and deadlines for data collection for the

- Link to the HESA Calendar showing all key dates for data collection

- Link to the HESA Calendar showing key dates for coding manual releases

Data Specification

Coverage - The criteria for the return of data in the record.

Data Dictionary - Directory of all data items collected, displayed by entity, and all derived fields provided to aid in understanding the onwards usage of data (note that derived fields be subject to updating during the collection year, until the collection closes).

Derived Field Specifications - Contains the list and specifications of the derived fields applied by HESA. Derived fields are by HESA to create populations and groupings for analysis.

Physical Data Model - Describes the data items included in the record and the relationships between them.

Submission process and quality assurance

HESA data entry tool - a program which will produce XML data in the format required for submission

Known issues - A link to the known issues affecting the HESA Data Platform (HDP).

Nil return sign off form - The form to be submitted to HESA when the higher education provider will not be returning Student record data.

Quality rules - Validation which enforces the quality of the submitted data

Validation Overview - An overview of the validation process for the Student return.

Further guidance

Coding Manual Tools - A suite of web pages to complement and enhance the information published in the coding manual.

Data Standards - This document describes the adoption of relevant data standards in the HESA Student Record.

DfE Programmes - Guidance and scenarios on the return of key fields for DfE programmes.

Dormancy - Guidance and scenarios on the return of dormant students.

Engagement - Information and guidance on the Engagement entity.

Enriched File Specification - Contains detail of the format and content of the enriched data file produced in HDP.

Exceptional Guidance - A link to a further exceptional guidance page.

Full Time Equivalence - Guidance and scenarios on the return of full time equivalence

Graduate Outcomes population changes - Guidance on Student / Graduate Outcomes population changes.

OffVenueActivity and Placements - Link to information and guidance on OffVenueActivity and Placements

PGR Collaborative Supervision Arrangements - Guidance and scenarios on the return of PGR collaborative supervision.

Session Years and Student Course Sessions - Link to information and guidance on Session Years and Student Course Sessions

SLC and HESA Date Definitions - Guidance and scenarios on the date definitions with SLC

Support Guides - Support guides including known issues.

Tariff Data - A view of the UCAS tariff point aggregation data.

Understanding student continuity and the USN link - An introduction to USN linking with worked examples

Understanding the Data Model - Guidance on viewing the data model including types of entity relationships.

Venue and StudyLocation - Guidance and scenarios on the return of venues and study locations.

Version Control - Guidance on the methodology adopted for document version numbering.

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