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HESA Student Record 2007/08 - Course title

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

Fields required from institutions in England

Course title

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Short nameCTITLE

This field will be determined by the institution and in this context relates to the complete programme of study leading to the qualification aim referred to in fields Course.COURSEAIM and CourseSubject.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All courses

Base data typeTitleType
Field length255
Part of
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Related fields
Reason required

To facilitate HESA cross-checking with institutions and to identify courses in onward analyses.


Although a compulsory field, this field will not be subject to specific checks regarding its validity. The only validation checks will be that the field contains at least one character.

Feedback from users of the TQI site has indicated that they would want to see information at the course level. With the introduction of the course entity it is likely that the funding councils will want to explore this option further. Should users of the HESA data choose to publish course level information it is likely that the course title will form a critical part of this. Therefore institutions need to ensure that the CTITLE field contains course titles that would be meaningful to a wide range of stakeholders including potential students

It is intended that this field can be used by the institution as a cross-check to fields Course.COURSEAIM and CourseSubject.

OwnerManaging Information Across Partners - Common Data Definitions
Schema components
Element: CTITLE
Data type: TitleType

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