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DLHE - Longitudinal Survey 2008/09 - Q19 How did you first find out about this job?

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DLHE - Longitudinal Survey 2008/09

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Q19 How did you first find out about this job?

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valid entries
Short nameHOW_FND_JOB
Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
QuestionQ19 How did you first find out about this job?
Valid entries and labels
01Own institution’s career service/website
02Other careers service/or its website
03Employer’s website
04Newspaper/magazine advertisement/or its website
05High street recruitment agency
06Online/web-based recruitment agency
07Already/previously worked for the organisation
08Professional, work or educational contacts or networks
09Personal contacts, including family, friends and social networks
10Speculative approach to employer
11Employer approached me/head-hunted
13I set up the business/self employed
14Website (other)
15Other 5
16Other 6
17Other 7
18Other 8
19Other 9
20Other 10
21Other 11
22Other 12
23Other 13
24Other 14
25Other 15
27Not applicable
-1Don’t know
-2Not answered
XXQuestion not answered (default)
Quality rules
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Reason required
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: HOW_FND_JOB
Based onIFF technical specification DLHE Longitudinal survey 2008-09 v10.00

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