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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly outside the UK 2008/09

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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly outside the UK 2008/09

Revision history

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This table lists changes and additions to the record specification and supporting documentation.

Date Documentation
Element Element
2009-07-09 1.3 Check documentation 1.0 Addition of web version of Check documentation to Data collection section
2009-07-09 1.3 Nil return sign-off slip (PDF) 1.0 Addition of web version of Nil return sign-off slip (PDF) to Downloadable files section
2009-07-09 1.3 Provision.LEVEL 1.1 Minor consistency edit to valid entry label descriptions. No change to valid codes or label meaning
2009-06-04 1.2 Institution.RECID 1.1 Label amended to reflect new terminology to 'Aggregate offshore record'
2009-06-04 1.2 1.1 Other changes to text to reflect new terminology
2009-03-021.1Provision.COUNTRY1.1 Descriptions for Codes TW (Taiwan) and PS (Occupied Palestinian Territories) amended, and two new codes added for French collectivities BL (St Barthélemy) and MF (St Martin (French Part)) to reflect changes in the National Statistics Country Classification. Paragraph included in notes to clarify that ISO 3166 usage is included in brackets after the preferred UK usage in code desciptions, to facilitate cross-reference to the international standard
2009-03-021.1Provision.TYPE1.1Text simplified for defining overseas campus to read: Codes 1 and 2. In this context "Overseas campus" means a campus set up as a branch campus of the parent institution
2009-03-02 1.1 Timescales for data collection 1.0 First release
2009-03-02 1.1 Validation overview 1.0 First release
2009-03-02 1.1 Commit stage validation 1.0 First release
2008-11-19 1.0 First release of documentation for 2008/09

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