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HESA Student Record 2009/10 - Access programmes

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HESA Student Record 2009/10

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Access programmes

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Short nameACCESS

This field records whether entrants have entered HE via SWAP courses.

Applicable toScotland

All entrants to institutions in Scotland where EntryProfile.QUALENT2 = 44 or 45

Base data typeACCESSCodeType
Field length1
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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Reason required

To monitor the success of SWAP.


Access to HE programmes have played an important role in widening access to higher education in Scotland. The majority of Scottish Access Programmes are run under the auspices of the Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) and Continuing Education Departments in Scottish HEIs.

Business rules

EntryProfile.ACCESS must exist for institutions in Scotland where EntryProfile.QUALENT2 = 44 or 45.


EntryProfile.ACCESS must not exist for institutions in England, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Schema components
Element: ACCESS
Valid entries and labels
1Entered HE via the SWAP
2Entered HE via other access programme excluding SWAP

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