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HESA Student Record 2009/10 - FE student marker

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HESA Student Record 2009/10

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FE student marker

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Short nameFESTUMK

This field identifies students at HE institutions who are studying at FE level or are funded by LSC or WAG-DCELLS

Applicable toEngland Wales

All Instances at institutions in England and Wales

Base data typeFESTUMKCodeType
Field length1
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Reason required

To distinguish between FE and HE level of study, and between FE and HE funding, so as to allow separation of HE and FE work and funding in HEIs.


For England and Wales, an LSC/DCELLS student is defined as a student following a course leading to a general qualification aim at FE level and any other student following a course funded by LSC or WAG-DCELLS (and which may be at FE or HE level). Students coded 1, 3 or 4 will be regarded as FE funding council students. Students coded 2 will be assumed to be HE level students, with no LSC/DCELLS funding.

Code 3 'The student is an LSC/DCELLS funded student studying at HE level'

The funding councils have advised that LSC and WAG-DCELLS do not ordinarily fund students studying at HE level within HEIs. It is therefore recommended that any institution who believes they have students in this category contact HESA before coding.

Access to HE courses are regarded as FE level courses.

'Foundation years that are not integrated into an HE level course are generally considered to be FE level'.

Date modified2010-04-30
Change management notesBusiness rule 1 updated to exclude Instance.REDUCEDI = 06 or 07.
Business rules

Instance.FESTUMK must exist for institutions in England and Wales unless Instance.REDUCEDI = 06 or 07.


Instance.FESTUMK code 2 must not have Course.MSFUND = 05 or 06.


Instance.FESTUMK must be coded 1 or 4 where Course.COURSEAIM begins P, Q, R, S or X.


Instance.FESTUMK must be coded 2 or 3 where Course.COURSEAIM begins D, E, L, M, H, I, J or C.


Instance.FESTUMK must not exist for institutions in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

Schema components
Element: FESTUMK
Valid entries and labels
1The student is an LSC/DCELLS FE funded learner studying at FE level
2The student is not an LSC/DCELLS FE funded learner nor is the learner studying at FE level
3The student is an LSC/DCELLS FE funded learner studying at HE level
4The student is not an LSC/DCELLS FE funded learner but is studying at FE level

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