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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2009/10 - ITT schemes

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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2009/10

Fields required from institutions in England

ITT schemes

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valid entries
Short nameITTSCHMS

This field identifies those students who have participated in an ITT scheme

Applicable toEngland

All students where Student.TTCID = 1 or 2

Valid entries and labels
2Student Associate Scheme
3Fast-track & previously completed a Student Associate Scheme
4Extended PGCE (Supplementary training bursary)
5Two-year full-time top up undergraduate degree (TDA funded)
6Primary modern languages programme (TDA funded)
7Previously completed a subject enhancement course
9Not undertaken any TDA pre-ITT scheme

This field contains the codes applicable to Initial Teacher Training courses in England from the Instance.ITTSCHMS field in the Student record.

Code 2 in this field will identify where the student has previously completed a SAS scheme.

'Fast-track' applies to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) students who passed the national selection process for the fast-track initiative and who are training in ITT on that basis. This scheme no longer exists and so codes 1 and 3 should only be used for students who commenced courses on or before before 31 July 2008.

For code 6 to apply, students must be on a primary programme (Student.ITTPHSC 72 to 77) with CourseSubject.SBJCA of French (R100), German (R200), Italian (R300) or Spanish (R400).

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To monitor success of ITT schemes

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Based on07051.Instance.ITTSCHMS 1.1
Date modified2009-08-21
Change management notesCode 7 added in line with C09051 Student Record, and codes 1 and 3 added for continuing instances, and new business rule 5

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