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HESA Student Record 2010/11 - Qualification type

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HESA Student Record 2010/11

Fields required from institutions in Scotland

Qualification type

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valid entries
Short nameQUALTYPE

This field identifies the type of qualification obtained on entry to the instance, for example ‘A’ Level, Higher.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All Qualification on entry records

Valid entries and labels
AGCE A Level
A1Advanced Subsidiary
ABAQA Baccalaureate
ADGCE AS Level (Double)
AEAdvanced Extension Award
AGLevel 3 NVQ in Accounting
AHSQA Advanced Highers
ALAsset Languages - Listening
ANGCE Advanced Level with Advanced Subsidiary (9 units)
AOCIE AO (Advanced Ordinary)
APAsset Languages - Speaking
AQAQA Enrichment
ARAsset Languages - Reading
AWAsset Languages - Writing
BEBTEC National in Early Years
CACACHE Practical
CCCACHE Certificate in Child Care and Education
CDCACHE Diploma in Child Care and Education
CECACHE Award in Child Care and Education
COCope Awards
DAGCE A Level (Double)
D3Graded Speech and Drama Examinations at Level 3 (LAMDA)
D6Speech and Drama Studies Grade 6
D7Speech and Drama Studies Grade 7
D8Speech and Drama Studies Grade 8
EAEDI level 3 certificate in Accounting
EIEDI level 3 Certificate in Accounting (IAS)
EPExtended Project
EQEQL level 3 Certificate (British Horse Society)
FADiploma in Foundation Studies (Art and Design)
FDFinancial Services (Diploma)
FMFree Standing Maths
FRLevel 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail
FSFinancial Services (Certificate)
FYFoundation Studies
F1Functional Skills Level 1
F2Functional Skills Level 2
F3Functional Skills Level 3
F4Functional Skills Level 4
HSQA Highers
H1GCE A Level (H1)
H2GCE A Level (H2)
H3GCE A Level (H3)
HKHigher Core Skills
HLHigher Sports Leader Award
HSHigher School Certificate
I1SQA Intermediate 1
I2SQA Intermediate 2
IBInt. Baccalaureate (Higher level)
ICIB Theory of Knowledge
IDIB Bonus points
IEIB Total points
IFIB Overall result
IKInt 2 Core Skills
ILIrish Leaving (Higher)
INScottish Inter Disciplinary Project
IOIrish Leaving (Ordinary)
ISIB Standard (Subsidiary) Level
IXIB Extended Essay
K1Key Skill Level 1
K2Key Skill Level 2
K3Key Skill Level 3
K4Key Skill Level 4
LDAccess to HE Diploma
M6Music Practical Level 6
M7Music Practical Level 7
M8Music Practical Level 8
NCSQA Higher National Cert
NDSQA Higher National Dip
O6OCR National Certificate
OCOCR iPro Certificate
ODOCR iPro Diploma
OEOCR National Extended Diploma
OTOCR National Diploma
PAAdvanced Diploma
PDProgression Diploma
PEExtended Diploma
PLLevel 3 Certificate in Speech and Drama: Perforance Student (PCertLam)
PPScottish PP Passport
PRPrincipal Learning
SBScottish Baccalaureate
SPGCE Special Paper
SSScottish Standard Grade
STStep Award
SWSQA Skills for Work INT2
UCPre-U Certificate
UDPre-U Diploma
USPre-U Short Course
VVCE Advanced
V1VCE Advanced Subsidiary
V2VCE Advanced Double Award
WBWelsh Baccalaureate
6MMusic Theory Level 6
7MMusic Theory Level 7
8MMusic Theory Level 8
9UGCE 9 Unit Award

The awarding bodies have given their consent, via the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), for some of the results data that they forward to UCAS to be shared with HEIs for admission purposes, to also be used in preparing the Student Record from 2007/08 onwards .

This data will be made available to institutions by UCAS (through the *J transaction). The HESA record will work to the existing UCAS coding frame.

From 2008/09, the UCAS coding frame only is used for qualifications that are available from UCAS.

Note that H1, H2 and H3 A level qualifications are Singapore Higher qualifications awarded by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Institutions are encouraged to provide this information for other full-time undergraduate students, in order to contribute more complete statistical information for the sector. In order for institutions to be able to add information about qualifications that are included in the UCAS Tariff, but for which UCAS do not provide electronic results information, additional codes have been added to the end of the list.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To allow detailed analysis of qualifications on entry and consequent progression

Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Date modified2010-12-15
Change management notesNew UCAS codes added: AL Asset Languages - Listening, AN GCE Advanced Level with Advanced Subsidiary (9 units), AP Asset Languages - Speaking, AR Asset Languages - Reading, AW Asset Languages - Writing, D3 Graded Speech and Drama Examinations at Level 3 (LAMDA), F1 Functional Skills Level 1, F2 Functional Skills Level 2, F3 Functional Skills Level 3, F4 Functional Skills Level 4, IN Scottish Inter Disciplinary Project, LD Access to HE Diploma, PA Advanced Diploma, PD Progression Diploma, PE Extended Diploma, PP Scottish PP Passport, PR Principal Learning, SB Scottish Baccalaureate, UC Pre-U Certificate, UD Pre-U Diploma, UG Pre-U GPR, US Pre-U Short Course

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