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HESA Student Record 2010/11 - Completion of year of instance

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HESA Student Record 2010/11

Fields required from institutions in Wales

Completion of year of instance

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valid entries
Short nameFUNDCOMP

This field refers to the year of instance being funded. The field records the student's completion status with respect to that year.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Wales

All instances at institutions in England, Northern Ireland and Wales where Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 or 01

Valid entries and labels
1Completed the current year of programme of study
2Did not complete the current year of programme of study
3Year of programme of study not yet completed, but has not failed to complete
4Partially completed the year of study (HEFCW HESES rules)
9Not in HESES Population

Coding should be consistent with funding council early statistics. Refer to relevant funding council for full definitions.

Normally when code 2 is returned, then either Instance.RSNEND and Instance.ENDDATE will be completed to end the student instance, or Instance.NOTACT will be completed to show the study is suspended. It has become more common for students to fail to complete the current year of instance but continue to study with the institution, this is particularly true of part-time students who drop a module.

Code 4 'is as defined in HEFCW HESES, and should be used for students studying full-time on taught courses only.

Code 9 can be used if the HESA reporting year does not contain, in part or in whole, a year of instance which has previously, is, or will be, included in the HESES population. Institutions can however also use the other codes for such records.

Where a student undertakes a foundation degree and bridging course in the same HESA reporting year Instance.FUNDCOMP, should reflect whether the student completed the foundation degree and will therefore usually be returned with a value of 1. Similarly where the student progresses to a degree after completion of the bridging course this field should reflect the completion status of the degree.

Any queries on this field should be addressed to HEFCE. Some additional guidance can be found in HESES.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

For alignment with funding definitions.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Date modified2011-08-31
Change management notesUpdated guidance for the use of code 9, to confirm that other codes as well as code 9 can be used for years of instance not in the HESES population

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