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Estates Management record 2012/13 - Number of third party bed spacesNumberofThirdPartyBedSpaces

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Estates Management record 2012/13

Fields required from institutions in Northern Ireland

Number of third party bed spaces

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Short nameNumberofThirdPartyBedSpaces

The field in this entity contains data about the number of third party bed spaces.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education institutions (HEIs).


Estimated number of third party bed spaces occupied by students from the HEI. This will include those covered by hard and soft nomination agreements, but should only include those in purpose-built/modified buildings of at least 10 bed spaces.

A formal agreement should be in place with the provider, although there need not be a guaranteed number of bed spaces for one particular HEI and the agreement may encompass more than one HEI. Typically the relevant bed spaces will be advertised in the HEI's prospectus.

1 December (or a convenient nearby date) should be taken to ascertain the actual number of occupied bed spaces.

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Maximum occurrencesunbounded
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