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KIS record 2012/13

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KIS record 2012/13

Further guidance on URLs

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Version 1.0 Produced 2011-09-30

The KIS record includes fields for the collection of a number of URLs. These URLs are intended to allow institutions to provide links to further details on complex areas where the information presented on the KIS will often need further elaboration. In identifying the appropriate pages to link to institutions should ensure that the pages are clear, student facing and externally accessible. It is expected that, in most cases, the web-pages will already exist.

Institutions in Wales are also required to provide URLs that link to the Welsh language versions of web-pages where the institution's web-site uses different URLs for Welsh and English language versions of their web-site. A separate URL is not required for details of professional accreditation as these will be links to external web-sites which may not offer Welsh language.

Simple structure tests will be applied to URLs on submission of the KIS dataset. However, it is not intended that links will be routinely tested externally and institutions will not receive validation or other reports highlighting if the links they have included are valid and/or live. Institutions are therefore advised to check that links remain valid throughout the KIS publication period. All links must be publicly available.

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