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Key Information Set 2013/14 - Teaching institution UK Provider Reference Number

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Key Information Set 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Scotland

Teaching institution UK Provider Reference Number

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This field records the UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) which is the unique identifier allocated to institutions by the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) for the institutions providing the teaching.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses.


This field records the UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) which is the unique identifier allocated to institutions by the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).

KISCourse.TEACHUKPRN should only be completed for new courses and courses where not all teaching institutions for the course can be identified in a KISCourse.HESACourse or KISCourse.ILRAims entity. KISCourse.TEACHUKPRN should record the UKPRN of any institution providing the teaching, and, those who are not identified in either HESACourse.TEACHUKPRN or ILRAims.TEACHUKPRN.

Where students on a course are taught by more than one institution then multiple institutions should be specified in KISCourse.TEACHUKPRN. Where multiple institutions are specified and data are aggregated for this course they will only include students wholly taught at the registering institution or those explicitly linked via HESACourse.TEACHUKPRN or ILRAims.TEACHUKPRN.

Where the course is taught by multiple institutions, multiple KISCourse.TEACHUKPRN should be returned, this should include the returning institutions own UKPRN if they are one of the teaching institutions.

If the institution submitting the KIS is the only provider of teaching for the course, then KISCourse.TEACHUKPRN does not have to be returned. The UKPRN will be picked up from Institution.UKPRN.

Where an institution has all of its provision franchised in from a single provider, HESACourse.TEACHUKPRN and ILRAims.TEACHUKPRN are used to identify that provider.

Where courses are taught at multiple locations, HESACourse.TEACHUKPRN and ILRAims.TEACHUKPRN enable the aggregations to only include, within the registering institutions data, those students on courses that move teaching locations.

If HESACourse.TEACHUKPRN or ILRAims.TEACHUKPRN exist, the corresponding HESACourse.REGUKPRN or ILRAims.REGUKPRN must not exist.

Further information on collaborative and franchise partners can be found in the Collaborative provision document.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

To enable accurate allocation of data to the correct teaching institution.

Part of
Field length8
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences50
Schema components
Data type: UKPRNType
Year this field relates to2014/15
Date modified2013-02-14
Change management notesCoverage updated to include all KISCourses. Further guidance on returning new courses added to the Notes.

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