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Key Information Set 2013/14 - Proportion available in Welsh

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Key Information Set 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Wales

Proportion available in Welsh

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Short nameWELSH

This field records the proportion of scheduled teaching and learning activities of the course available in Welsh.

Applicable toWales

Institutions in Wales where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1, 3


The data should reflect the HESA returns for modules that form part of the course, and align with the data presented by institutions to the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for the 'Mantais' course finder.

The data should reflect the amount of scheduled Welsh medium teaching and learning available, rather than any calculation based on the average student programme of study e.g. if the student may choose to study 360 credits in Welsh on a three year degree course, 100% of activities would be available in Welsh; or if the student may choose to study 240 credits where three-quarters of the scheduled teaching and learning is available in Welsh, 50% ((240*0.75)/360) of the activities would be available in Welsh. The data should reflect the position for each course, whether or not the course has a Welsh, Bilingual or English title.

The KIS needs to be provided bilingually for all courses offered at Welsh institutions, whether available in Welsh, English or both languages.

This field can contain a value in the range 0 - 100.

This field must not be returned where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 2.

This field is required for institutions in Wales only where KISCourse.KISTYPE =1, 3.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

KIS data item.

Part of
Field length3
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: WELSH
Data type: IntPrcntType
Year this field relates to2014/15

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