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Initial Teacher Training record 2015/16 - Fundability code

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Initial Teacher Training record 2015/16

Fields required from institutions in England

Fundability code

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valid entries
Short nameFUNDCODE

This field indicates whether the student is counted as 'fundable', i.e. 'eligible for funding' for the course by the appropriate funding council/body.

Applicable toEngland
CoverageAll students.
Valid entries and labels
2Not fundable by funding council/body
7Eligible for funding from the NCTL

This field contains the subset of codes applicable to ITT courses in England from the Instance.FUNDCODE field in the Student record.

This field must be coded at the individual student instance level.

Fundable means eligible for funding by the appropriate funding council/body, as defined by that council/body.

This field should be consistent with the year's early student statistics returns to the funding councils.

Supporting Guidance

For the 2015/16 academic year ITT trainee records the NCTL requires an additional level of data to aid in its analysis of teacher training population. A new item, Student.ALLPLACE, has been added to provide supporting information on whether an individual trainee is being submitted with the correct combination of funding data.

Student.ALLPLACE represents whether the individual trainee is taking up an NCTL 'allocated' place, which was assigned to all providers in 2014 (or has since been allocated following an approved request to alter those original allocations). Any trainee record where the individual is NOT taking up an allocated place at the time of submission to the ITT collection should be marked as such. Providers may be in the process of requesting increases to their allocations (whilst the ITT collection is live), which would result in that trainee being able to 'take up' the extra place once approved. If it is possible, and approval is granted before closure of the ITT Trainee Numbers Census a re-submission could be made to reflect the change in the Student.ALLPLACE category.

In most cases a funded trainee (see definition below) MUST take up an allocated place. The only exception is where a provider wishes to use an allocated place for an unfunded School Direct Salaried trainee.

Further guidance on the coding requirements for allocated places may be found in the 'Further guidance about returning NCTL programmes (excluding EYITT)' document.

Coding Definition

Students should be returned as FUNDCODE = 7 where they are able to access student support i.e. assessed as 'home or EU status' for the purpose of assessing tuition fee status or are home or overseas/international School Direct Salaried trainees on an allocated place and employed in a state maintained school in a priority subject.

Students should be returned as FUNDCODE = 2 where they are assessed as 'overseas or international' for the purpose of assessing tuition fees status, or are School Direct Salaried Trainees (home or overseas) on a non-allocated place or undertaking a lower priority, (non-NCTL-funded) subject and/or employed at a Private School.

For further guidance on funding for 2015/16, please refer to the School Direct funding manual at or the Training Bursary guide at

For ITT funding rates and priority subjects please refer to the detailed guidance at

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

The coding of EYITT courses will depend upon the route followed by the trainee. Those on undergraduate entry routes, or assessment only routes, are not eligible for NCTL funding and must be coded 2 'Not fundable by funding council/body' in this field. Graduate entry routes are fundable, and can be recorded as 7 ' Eligible for funding from the NCTL' in this field.

Further guidance on the coding requirements for those on EYITT programmes may be found in the 'Further guidance about recording Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) programmes' document.


A non-EU overseas student is an example of a particular student who is not eligible for funding, even if the course that they are following has funding for student places.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To identify non-fundable students for the NCTL census.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Date modified2015-09-01
Change management notesValid entry 7 relabelled from 'Fundable by the NCTL' to 'Eligible for funding from the NCTL' for clarity, reflecting more closely the meaning of the code. Guidance in the Notes section update with additional information on the circumstances in which this code would be used.

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