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Alternative provider student 2016/17 - Gross fee

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Alternative provider student 2016/17

Fields required from institutions in England

Gross fee

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Short nameGROSSFEE

This field will capture the gross fee charged, that is before any financial support from the provider such as waivers are taken into account.

Applicable toEngland Scotland

Compulsory for all instances on designated courses or where designation is held at provider level, except where InstancePeriod.EXCHIND is 1 for all associated instance periods. Not required for students on non-designated courses.


The Instance.GROSSFEE value returned should be the exact fee, including VAT e.g. £6,551 and not rounded.

If a student leaves the HE provider part the way through the instance year, the annualised amount for the course should be returned in Instance.GROSSFEE.


A fee of £9,000 would be returned as 9000.

A fee of £7,545 would be returned as 7545.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

To monitor the various fee levels, for example by subject, course type and student characteristics including their spread across the UK.

Part of
Field length6
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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Date modified2016-08-10
Change management notesDescription changed to remove reference to this being collected for the year of the course. Guidance added to detail how GROSSFEE is returned for instances where the student leaves part way through the instance year.

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