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Key Information Set 2016/17 - Year abroad availability

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Key Information Set 2016/17

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Year abroad availability

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This field identifies whether a year abroad placement is available as a course component.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1 or 2.

Valid entries and labels
0Not available

This field should be completed to reflect the availability of a study placement abroad.

Study years abroad relate only to years of study abroad and not to work placements.

Study abroad relates to study placements only. This does not include work placements abroad, which should be returned under KISCourse.SANDWICH.

If a course is offered as both part-time and full-time this field must be returned as 0 'Not available' or 1 'Optional'. If this course component is compulsory for the full-time course then a separate part-time KIS should be returned, with this field being coded as 0 'Not available'.

If any course component is identified as compulsory (ie, the student has applied for this course and must undertake the component), the information should be reflected as an additional CourseStage, and included in average fee calculations.

If any course component is identified as optional, this could mean the student can choose between a sandwich placement or a year abroad, or have the choice as to whether to partake in the option. In such cases, no additional CourseStage or fee information is required.

In this context a component is considered compulsory if there is an expectation that students will take the component. It is recognised that even where such an expectation exists there will typically be some students who do not undertake the component.

If two industry placements, or study times abroad equate to 100% of a single course stage, then KISCourse.SANDWICH and KISCourse.YEARABROAD should be coded as either 1 ’Optional’ or 2 ‘Compulsory’, and appropriate fee information should be returned. If these two industry placements, or study times abroad do not equate to an entire course stage, the KISCourse.SANDWICH and KISCourse.YEARABROAD fields should be coded as 0 ‘Not available’, however appropriate information should be included in the course stage information.

Where a course contains a compulsory year abroad but the student can choose whether to spend their time overseas in a work placement or in study, the KISCourse.YEARABROAD field should be returned as 2 'Compulsory' and KISCourse.SANDWICH returned as 1 'Optional'.


In the second stage of a course, the student can choose to complete a 3 month learning placement abroad. The course stage is 9 months long in total, and so the placement is 33% of the entire stage. This would mean that KISCourse.YEARABROAD would be coded 0 ‘Not available’ as it does not total an entire course stage, however, the course stage information would reflect 33% of stage being undertaken as a placement.

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