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Provider profile 2017/18 - Higher education provider (HEP) structure tier 2

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Provider profile 2017/18

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Higher education provider (HEP) structure tier 2

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Short nameTIER2

The middle tier of the organisational structure.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Optional for all higher education providers (HEPs) returning the academic department to HESA cost centre mapping.


This field may be used to record the name of the body in the organisational structure, sitting above AcademicCostCentres.DEPARTMENT, in which a staff member might normally be based. It should only be returned where AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 is also being returned.

Up to 200 characters may be returned for this field.

In order to assist HEPs in contextualising their departments, two additional optional fields are provided that allow for additional organisational tiers above this level - the fields AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 and AcademicCostCentres.TIER2. The fields permit free text in the same way as AcademicCostCentres.DEPARTMENT. HEPs can use one or both of these fields as necessary: AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 should represent the organisational grouping immediately below HEP-wide level. AcademicCostCentres.TIER2 should be the level sitting below AcademicCostCentres.TIER1, and AcademicCostCentres.DEPARTMENT should sit within AcademicCostCentres.TIER2. AcademicCostCentres.TIER2 should not be completed if AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 is blank. It is expected that in a large number of cases, this structure might correspond to a 'Faculty / School / Department' structure. A simple example might be as follows:

AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 AcademicCostCentres.TIER2 AcademicCostCentres.DEPARTMENT
Faculty of Humanities School of History and Classics Department of Ancient History

It is recognised that not all HEPs will have three tiers of organisational structure - some may have more, some fewer. Where it is useful and meaningful it is recommended that these fields are populated with appropriate values, even if these may not fully capture the nature of a HEP with a complicated structure.

Valid characters

The question of valid characters is significant in this field since many names include characters with accents and other diacritics that are not supported by the standard ASCII characterset. The valid characterset available for this field is consistent with HESA usage in free text fields in other records.

  • The general policy is to support all Latin-based characters for names, addresses and general text fields, but not non-Latin characters.
  • All Unicode code charts for Latin characters are supported. These are Basic Latin (excluding the C0 control characters), Latin-1 (excluding the C1 control characters), Latin Extended A, Latin Extended B and Latin Extended Additional. This set corresponds to Unicode code points U+0020 to U+007E, U+00A0 to U+024F and U+1E00 to U+1EFF.
  • Schemas are built in such a way that an individual project can further restrict the set if required.

The character set chosen will support Welsh and Gaelic languages as well as all European and most other languages using a Latin-based character set.

The Unicode charts that list each of the characters in this range can be found on the Unicode web site. The specific sets that are defined here are shown in the following PDF documents:

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Part of
Field length200
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: TIER2
Data type: TIERType

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