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Unistats record 2017/18 - List of KISCourse.KISAIM valid entries

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Unistats record 2017/18 - List of KISCourse.KISAIM valid entries

Version 1.8 Produced 2018-07-27

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Please note, the long name added below is for information only and will not be appearing on the Unistats website.

Download the KISCourse.KISAIM valid entries in csv format. (Please note that the csv files are available to download, however providers will need to download a new version each time the valid entries are updated).

Providers should check for an appropriate KISAIM from the List of KIS Course Aims prior to requesting any new ones.

KISCourse.KISAIM valid entry Label LEVEL Long name
000BAFBachelor of Arts
001 BAccFBachelor of Accountancy
002 BArchFBachelor of Architecture
003 BBAFBachelor of Business Administration
004 BDFBachelor of Divinity
005 BDivFBachelor of Divinity
006 BDSFBachelor of Dental Surgery
007 BEdFBachelor of Education
008 BEngFBachelor of Engineering
009 BFinFBachelor of Finance
010 BHScFBachelor of Health Science
011 BMFBachelor of Medicine
012 BMedScFBachelor of Medical Science
013 BMedSciFBachelor of Medical Science
014 BMidFBachelor of Midwifery
015 BMidWifFBachelor of Midwifery
016 BMusFBachelor of Music
017 BNFBachelor of Nursing
018 BNursFBachelor of Nursing
019 BOptomFBachelor of Optometry
020 BOstFBachelor of Osteopathy
021 BScFBachelor of Science
022 BSWFBachelor of Social Work
023 BTechEdFBachelor of Technological Education
024 BThFBachelor of Theology
025 BVetMedFBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
026 BVMSFBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
027 BVScFBachelor of Veterinary Science
028 CertHEUCertificate of Higher Education
029 DipHEUDiploma of Higher Education
030 FDUFoundation Degree
031 FDAUFoundation Degree of the Arts
032 FDArtsUFoundation Degree of the Arts
033 FDEdUFoundation Degree of Education
034 FDEngUFoundation Degree of Engineering
035 FDSUFoundation Degree of Science
036 FdScUFoundation Degree of Science
038 HNDUHigher National Diploma
039 LLBFBachelor of Laws
040 MAFMaster of Arts
041 MArchFMaster of Architecture
042 MARTFMaster of Art
043 MBBSFBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
044 MBBChFBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
045 MBChBFBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
046 MBiolFMaster of Biology
047 MBiolSciFMaster of Biological Science
048 MBioMed SciFMaster of Biomedical Science
049 MChemFMaster of Chemistry
050 MChiroFMaster of Chiropractic Practice
051 MCompFMaster of Computing
052 M.CMAcFMaster of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture
053 MDesFMaster of Design
054 MEarthSciFMaster of Earth Science
055 MEdFMaster of Education
056 MEngFMaster of Engineering
057 MEnvSciFMaster of Environmental Science
058 MESciFMaster of Earth Science
059 MGeolFMaster of Geology
060 MGeoPhysFMaster of Geophysics
061 MGeoSciFMaster of Geology
062 MInfFMaster of Informatics
063 MMarBiolFMaster of Marine Biology
064 MMathFMaster of Mathematics
065 MMBiolFMaster of Marine Biology
066 MMEFMaster of Mechanical Engineering
067 MMetFMaster of Meteorology
068 MMSciFMaster of Marine Science
070 MOceanFMaster of Oceanography
071 MOptomFMaster of Optometry
072 MOstFMaster of Osteopathy
073 MPharmFMaster of Pharmacy
074 MPhysFMaster of Physics
075 MPlanFMaster of Town and Regional Planning
076 MScFMaster of Science
077 MSciFMaster of Science
078 MTCPFMaster of Town and Regional Planning
079 MZOOLFMaster of Zoology
080 TQFEUTeaching Qualification, Further Education
081 BChDFBachelor of Dental Surgery
082 BA/BScFBachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
083 BMBSFBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
084 BNatSciFBachelor of Natural Science
085 BVMBVSFBachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Veterinary Science
086 BVMedSciFBachelor of Veterinary Medical Science
087 DipArchUDiploma of Architecture
088 MBiochemFMaster of Biochemistry
089 MChdFMaster of Dental Surgery
090 MChemPhysFMaster of Chemistry and Physics
091 MCompPhilFMaster of Computer Science and Philosophy
092 MCompSciFMaster of Computer Science
093 MEconFMaster of Economics
094 MLAFMaster of Landscape Architecture
095 MMathCompSciFMaster of Mathematics and Computer Science
096 MMathPhilFMaster of Mathematics and Philosophy
097 MNatSciFMaster of Natural Science
098 MNursFMaster of Nursing
099 MNursSciFMaster of Nursing Science
100 MNutrFMaster of Nutrition
101 MPhyPhilFMaster in Physics and Philosophy
102 MPLANFMaster of Planning
103 BDesFBachelor of Design
104 BFAFBachelor of Fine Arts
105 BM BChFBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
106 MEcolFMaster of Ecology
107 MLawFMaster of Law
108 MOSciFMaster of Ocean Science
109 BEconScFBachelor of Economic Science
110 BSc (Eng)FBachelor of Engineering
111 BScEconFBachelor of Economic Science
112 BSocScFBachelor of Social Science
113 IPMLFIntegrated Professional Master in Languages
114 MDramaFMaster of Drama and Theatre Studies
115 MGeogFMaster of Geography
116 MHistFMaster of History
117 MMath&PhysFMaster of Mathematics and Physics
118 MNeuroSciFMaster of Neuroscience
119 BEng/BScFBachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science
120 MAccFMaster of Accountancy
121 MAnthFMaster of Anthropology
122 MBusFMaster of Business
123 MEnvFMaster of Environmental Science
124 MFAFMaster of Fine Art
125 MMktFMaster in Marketing
126 Graduate DiplomaUGraduate Diploma of the Royal Northern College of Music
127 BAScFBachelor of Arts and Science
128 BSc(Econ)FBachelor of Science (Economics)
129 MPharmacolFMaster of Pharmacology
130 FdAUFoundation degree
131 Vet.M.BFBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
132 MClassFMaster of Classical Studies
133 MBioFMaster of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Biological Sciences
134 MSWFMaster of Social Work
135 MPharmSciFMaster of Pharmaceutical Science
136 MB,BChirFBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
137 MTheolFMaster of Theology
138 MPolFMaster of Politics and International Relations
139 MLibArtsFMaster of Liberal Arts
140 MPsychFMaster of Psychology
141 MDivFMaster of Divinity
142 BVMSciFBachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Science
143 MEarthPhysFMaster of Earth Physics
144 MEd StudFMaster of Education Studies
145 MArabicFMaster of Arabic Studies
146 MVetPhysFMaster of Veterinary Physiotherapy
147 MBiomsFMasters of Biomedical Sciences
148 MLangFMaster of Languages
149 MA(SocSci)FMaster of Arts (Social Sciences)
150 MForFMaster of Forestry
151 MSocFMaster of Sociology
152 BPAFBachelor of Performing Arts
153 MHRMFMaster of Human Resource Management
154 MComSCFMaster of Community & Social Care
155 MLitFMaster of Literature
156 BMFBachelor of Midwifery
157 MMedSciFMasters of Medical Science
158 MClassLFMaster of Classical Languages
159 MArcFMaster of Archaeology
160 MRelStFMaster of Religious Studies
161 MPhiloStFMaster of Philosophical Studies
162 MCreWFMaster of Creative Writing
163 MEngLitFMaster of English
164 MSocStudFMaster of Social Studies
165 MAccFinFMaster of Accounting and Finance
166 MLingFMaster of Linguistics
167 MMorseFMaster of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics
168 MSPRTFMaster of Sports
169 MGeogSCIFMaster of Geographical Science
170 MArtsFMaster of Arts
171 MMusFMaster of Music
172 MTheatreFMaster of Theatre
173 MFinFMaster of Finance
174 BDOSFBachelor of Dental and Oral Sciences
175 MSLTFMaster of Speech and Language Therapy
176 MNSWFMaster of Nursing and Social Work
177 MPhysioFMaster of Physiotherapy
178 AdvDipUAdvanced Diploma
179 MMusEdFMaster in Music Education
181 MAFScottish First Degree
182MPAFMasters of Public Affairs
183MRegSciFMaster in Regulatory Science
184MMORSFMaster in Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics
184MMORSFMaster in Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics
185MNeuroFMaster in Neuroscience
186MBiomedFMaster in Biomedical Sciences
187BBLFBachelor of Business and Laws
188MPASFMaster of Physician Associate Studies

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