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Student 2018/19 - ITT entry route

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Student 2018/19

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ITT entry route

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Short nameENTRYRTE

This field describes the route by which the student has accessed ITT provision.

Applicable toEngland

All instances at providers in England where Course.TTCID = 1 and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 or 01 and Instance.MODE is not 63 or 64.

Valid entries and labels
02School Direct tuition fee
03School Direct salaried
04EYITT Graduate Entry
05EYITT Graduate employment-based
06EYITT Undergraduate Entry
07EYITT Assessment Only
08EYITT School Direct
09Undergraduate Opt-in
10Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship

Related valid entries within the Instance.INITIATIVES data item must also be returned if applicable and may be considered subsets of those above. For example, a student studying an Abridged School Direct Salaried programme would be returned with Instance.ENTRYRTE code 03 and Instance.INITIATIVES code P 'Abridged ITT Course'.

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

Further guidance on the coding requirements for those on EYITT programmes may be found in the 'Further guidance about Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) programmes' document.

These codes were previously Instance.INITIATIVES codes F-J.

School Direct Training Programme guidance

School Direct Training Programme records must now be coded using codes 02 or 03. Previously these were recorded as G in the Course.TTCID field, with accompanying MSTUFEE data where required.


This should include any other courses, that are not Early Years Initial Teacher Training or School Direct Training Programmes. Also known as 'Core', 'Mainstream' or 'Provider-led'.

Information on the differing routes into teaching can be found at the Get into Teaching website.

Undergraduate Opt-in

Undergraduate students now have the option to 'opt-in' to an ITT course leading to QTS in their final (or penultimate and final) year of an undergraduate course. DfE will be funding these students in their ITT year(s), and Office for Students will not. Therefore, HEPs will be required to record these students from the first year of the commencement of their ITT courses.

The above 'Opt-in' scheme should NOT be confused with another ITT Undergraduate bursary which is available for trainees on courses in secondary mathematics and physics that lead to QTS. That bursary is available to undergraduate trainees who enrol on a QTS course beginning in the 2016 to 2017 academic year (as opposed to those who 'opt-in' part way through their undergraduate study), and is payable in the final year of their course.

Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship

From September 2018, the postgraduate teaching apprenticeship will be available. This is a school-led ITT route that combines paid work with on and off the job training, qualification and progression. Therefore, code 10 (Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship) will be added into Instance.ENTRYRTE to monitor this for 2018/19.

Quality rules
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Reason required To monitor provision and to allow the DfE to accurately record the routes through which students access ITT provision.
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
OwnerDepartment for Education
Change management notesA new valid entry, code 10 (Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship) has been added to flag school-led ITT routes.

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