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Student 2018/19 - FTE in year B

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Student 2018/19

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FTE in year B

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Short nameLOADYRB

This field together with Instance.LOADYRA describes the split of student FTE (as reported in Instance.STULOAD) between years of instance, in cases where two years of instance are contained within a reporting period.

This field contains the amount of FTE in Instance.STULOAD attributable to the year continuing into the next reporting period. The value can be recorded to one decimal place and must be between 0 and 300.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland

Compulsory where Institution.INSTAPP = 1 and Instance.TYPEYR = 2, 3, 4 or 5 and Course.COURSEAIM does not begin D, L, P, Q, R, S or X and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00, 01 or 03


This field allows the allocation of student load to years of instance where these span HESA reporting years. Completion of these fields will allow Office for Students to remove the approximations that are currently included in their re-creation of the HESES returns which counts FTE against years of instance rather than HESA reporting years. This will affect mainly students who are on courses of more than one years duration where any of the following are true:

(a) the intensity of the course varies over time

(b) the student drops out or takes a break in study

(c) the mix of HESA cost centres in which the student is active varies over the duration of the course

(d) activity is not spread evenly throughout the HESA reporting year

An example of how years may overlap the HESA reporting year is given below:

The FTE in student year A is reported in Instance.LOADYRA, and the load in student year B in this field.

The following example illustrates how these fields should be coded.

For a student studying an MSc part-time delivered over two years starting on 1 January in Year 1

Year 1042.542.5
Year 27.542.550.0
Year 37.507.5

Thus in Year 2 Office for Students is able to determine that the FTE for the student's year A was LOADYRB in Year 1 and Instance.LOADYRA in Year 2.

This field should contain 0 where a student is finishing an instance that spanned reporting periods.

Quality rules
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Reason required To allow detailed allocation of FTE to years of instance where a provider has opted to provide this information.
Part of
Field length5
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: LOADYRB
Data type: FTEType
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