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Student Alternative record 2019/20

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File structures for downloadable files - Expected instance population

Version 1.0 Produced 2020-06-26

Expected instance population

The expected instance population download is a list of students for whom a record is expected in the 2019/20 return. The list consists of records that have been returned as 'live' in 2018/19.

This file is available as an XML file or as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Student.HUSID HESA unique student identifier HUSID 13
Provider.UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number UKPRN 8
Instance.NUMHUS Student instance identifier NUMHUS 20
NAMECAT (* see below) Name concatenation NAMECAT 102
Student.OWNSTU Provider's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
StudentEquality.ETHNIC Ethnicity ETHNIC 2
StudentEquality.SEXID Sex identifier SEXID 1
Course.COURSEID († see below) Course identifier COURSEID 30
Course.CTITLE († see below) Course title CTITLE 255
Course.OWNCOURSEID († see below) Own course identifier OWNCOURSEID 50
Course.COURSEAIM († see below) General qualification aim of course COURSEAIM 3
Course.TTCID († see below) Teacher training course TTCID 1
EntryProfile.QUALENT3 Highest qualification on entry QUALENT3 3
EntryProfile.POSTCODE Postcode POSTCODE 8
EntryProfile.DOMICILE Domicile DOMICILE 2
Instance.OWNINST Provider's own identifier for instance OWNINST 30
Instance.COMDATE Start date of instance COMDATE 10
UHN_STATUS (* see below) Continuity register status STATUS 2
YEAR (* see below) The year this record was last active YEAR 4
InstancePeriod.CAMPID Campus identifier CAMPID 1

Download: XML Schema for the expected instance population file.

* Fields which do not appear in the coding manual:

  • NAMECAT - "Student.SURNAME (up to 100 characters) + ','+Student.FNAMES (first character)"
  • UHN_STATUS - The Student Alternative continuity processing field XREG01 used to monitor which instances are live, dormant and not active.
  • YEAR - The year this record was last active.

† The fields related to the Course are those associated with the latest Instance Period returned for the Instance (i.e. that with the latest InstancePeriod.PERIODSTART date.

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