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Version 1.0 Produced 2020-10-23

For the academic year 2020/21 assessment data will be collected for each student's first year of study and the assessment data for each student's final year. For students on some courses, such as gateway courses, their first year of study may be year of programme = 0. Schools which have students' final clinical examination in year four of the programme and not year five should submit the year four and five assessment data.

All assessments which use a numerical score are required. Assessments which only have a pass/fail recorded, for example sign-off of a completed e-portfolio, are not required for this return.

For a primary medical qualification, we are considering Masters and First degrees (with honours and ordinary non-honours) that are accredited by the GMC. These are COURSEAIM = M16, H16, I16 in the Student record and this would be where QUALCAT = M0003, H0003 or I0001 and where the ACCREDITATIONID = 05901 in the Data Futures model. Assessments for intercalated degrees are not included.

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