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Graduate Outcomes Survey Results 2020/21 - Business, self-employment or portfolio main reason for taking the job

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Graduate Outcomes Survey Results 2020/21

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Business, self-employment or portfolio main reason for taking the job

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valid entries

This data item records the graduates MAIN reason for undertaking their form of employment or activity.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Graduate.ALLACT02 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT03 = 1 OR Graduate.ALLACT04 = 1

Valid entries and labels
01It fitted into my career plan/it was exactly the type of work I wanted
02I did not receive any job offers
03It was an opportunity to progress in the industry I am interested in
04To see if I would like the type of work it involved
05To gain and broaden my experience in order to get the type of job I really want
06It allowed me to work in the right location
07It was well-paid
08In order to earn a living
09In order to pay off debts
10To work in my family business

This field identifies the MAIN reason chosen by the graduate. Only the reasons that the graduate selected for BUSJOBRSNALL will display for BUSJOBRSNMAIN, this is to ensure that the main reason corresponds to the reason/s chosen at JOBRSNALL .


What was the main reason that you decided to undertake your work or activity?

Required for valid responseNo
To be asked of third partyNo
Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
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Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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