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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Employment - Standard Occupational Classification 2020 minor grouping XEMP2020SOC3 1.1.1 3 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
111 Chief Executives and Senior Officials
112 Production Managers and Directors
113 Functional Managers and Directors
114 Directors in Logistics, Warehousing and Transport
115 Managers and Directors in Retail and Wholesale
116 Senior Officers in Protective Services
117 Health and Social Services Managers and Directors
121 Managers and Proprietors in Agriculture Related Services
122 Managers and Proprietors in Hospitality and Leisure Services
123 Managers and Proprietors in Health and Care Services
124 Managers in Logistics, Warehousing and Transport
125 Managers and Proprietors in Other Services
211 Natural and Social Science Professionals
212 Engineering Professionals
213 Information Technology Professionals
214 Web and Multimedia Design Professionals
215 Conservation and Environment Professionals
216 Research and Development (RandD) and Other Research Professionals
221 Medical Practitioners
222 Therapy Professionals
223 Nursing Professionals
224 Veterinarians
225 Other Health Professionals
231 Teaching Professionals
232 Other Educational Professionals
241 Legal Professionals
242 Finance Professionals
243 Business, Research and Administrative Professionals
244 Business and Financial Project Management Professionals
245 Architects, Chartered Architectural Technologists, Planning Officers, Surveyors and Construction Professionals
246 Welfare Professionals
247 Librarians and Related Professionals
248 Quality and Regulatory Professionals
249 Media Professionals
311 Science, Engineering and Production Technicians
312 CAD, Drawing and Architectural Technicians
313 Information Technology Technicians
321 Health Associate Professionals
322 Welfare and Housing Associate Professionals
323 Teaching and Childcare Associate Professionals
324 Veterinary nurses
331 Protective Service Occupations
341 Artistic, Literary and Media Occupations
342 Design Occupations
343 Sports and Fitness Occupations
351 Transport Associate Professionals
352 Legal Associate Professionals
353 Finance Associate Professionals
354 Business Associate Professionals
355 Sales, Marketing and Related Associate Professionals
356 Public Services Associate Professionals
357 HR, Training and Other Vocational Associate Guidance Professionals
358 Regulatory Associate Professionals
411 Administrative Occupations: Government and Related Organisations
412 Administrative Occupations: Finance
413 Administrative Occupations: Records
414 Administrative Occupations: Office Managers and Supervisors
415 Other Administrative Occupations
421 Secretarial and Related Occupations
511 Agricultural and Related Trades
521 Metal Forming, Welding and Related Trades
522 Metal Machining, Fitting and Instrument Making Trades
523 Vehicle Trades
524 Electrical and Electronic Trades
525 Skilled Metal, Electrical and Electronic Trades Supervisors
531 Construction and Building Trades
532 Building Finishing Trades
533 Construction and Building Trades Supervisors
541 Textiles and Garments Trades
542 Printing Trades
543 Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades
544 Other Skilled Trades
611 Teaching and Childcare Support Occupations
612 Animal Care and Control Services
613 Caring Personal Services
621 Leisure and Travel Services
622 Hairdressers and Related Services
623 Housekeeping and Related Services
624 Cleaning and Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors
625 Bed and Breakfast and Guest House Owners and Proprietors
631 Community and Civil Enforcement Occupations
711 Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers
712 Sales Related Occupations
713 Shopkeepers and Sales Supervisors
721 Customer Service Occupations
722 Customer Service Supervisors
811 Process Operatives
812 Metal Working Machine Operatives
813 Plant and Machine Operatives
814 Assemblers and Routine Operatives
815 Construction Operatives
816 Production, Factory and Assembly Supervisors
821 Road Transport Drivers
822 Mobile Machine Drivers and Operatives
823 Other Drivers and Transport Operatives
911 Elementary Agricultural Occupations
912 Elementary Construction Occupations
913 Elementary Process Plant Occupations
921 Elementary Administration Occupations
922 Elementary Cleaning Occupations
923 Elementary Security Occupations
924 Elementary Sales Occupations
925 Elementary Storage Occupations
926 Other Elementary Services Occupations
___ Not known
$$$ Not applicable

Dependent fields

  • XWRK2020SOC3

Depend upon fields

  • XEMP2020SOC

Additional information

These aggregations represent the minor groups of the SOC, within the nine major groups as summarised in the Standard Occupation Classification 2020 Structure and description of unit groups. (

Technical Specification

XEMP2020SOC (CHAR 4) Value of XEMP2020SOC3
0001 ___ (3 underscores)
If the first three characters match the XEMP2020SOC3 valid entries code list Return the first three characters
Otherwise $$$

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2020-12-01 1.1.1 Created

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