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Initial Teacher Training record 2022/23

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Data collection schedule

Version 1.1 Produced 2022-09-14

The details of students on an ITT course leading to qualified teacher status need to be sent to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE), to allocate students a Teacher Reference Number (TRN) and establish their professional record that they will use through their career.

The TRA asks providers to submit requests for TRNs by 31 October 2022 for those who begin training at the start of the 2022/23 academic year. The TRA will, though, allocate TRNs throughout the reporting period, for any trainee commencing a period of training during the period 1 August 2022 – 31 July 2023.

Data for all ITT students must be provided as a first submission by 17 October 2022, and should be signed-off by the 31 October 2022.

The DfE will use this data to create the Initial Teacher Trainee Census publication.

Timescales summary table

01 September 2022 Data collection system opens
17 October 2022 Commit date - first data submission required
03 October - 31 October 2022 DfE data quality checking period via the register trainee teachers (Register) online service
31 October 2022 Data collection system closes - sign off required by DfE - and all requests for TRNs should have been submitted for those who commenced training at the start of the 2022/23 academic year
16 January - 31 January 2023 January ITT Census Update Collection
17 April - 28 April 2023 April ITT Census Update Collection
17 July - 31 July 2023 July ITT Census Update Collection

In order to be accepted by HESA, data must pass HESA validation checks. Providers are encouraged to test their data locally using the validation kits made available by HESA before submitting data to the collection. Data which fails validation will not be considered to have been returned to the DfE/TRA.

ITT Collection - Census Updates

There are update opportunities in the months of January, April and July of the same academic year for providers to make updates to their Initial Teacher Training (ITT) data submitted via HESA in the ITT Collection that takes place annually between September and October.

Throughout these updates, the Register team use the HESA Data Collection System to decommit data on provider's behalf and monitor committal rates to ensure that all providers have committed their data by the last day of the update period.

Updated information on Register contributes to revised ITT Census publications and assists the DfE Funding Team in authorising adjusted bursary or grant payments. These updates are imported in Register during the last two weeks of January, April and July.

Providers can make submit updates by contacting the Register team and requesting a decommit to their data. Updates can be made - but are not limited to:

  • Record students who have left the course since the original submission
  • Include new starters (who were not previously included in the ITT Collection by the end of October)
  • Show dormant trainees
  • Submit missing Teacher Reference Numbers (TRN) and check existing TRNs are correct
  • Correct the bursary level
  • Correct the fundability code
  • Correct Lead or Employing school information
  • Other data corrections which need to be made

In addition to these updates, DfE also recommend HE Providers to carry out additional quality checks on:

  • Lead Schools - check the correct URN is listed,
  • Employing Schools - check the correct URN is listed,
  • Note the school URN "900010" - 'Not applicable/not available' is a code to be used only to highlight schools within England and Wales which are not on Register.

Once these revisions have been made, the provider should commit and "Approve" the data via the HESA Data Collection System then check Register to make sure that the data has been imported accurately. This must be done by the deadline communicated by the Register team.

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