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Graduate Outcomes Contact Details 2022/23 - International telephone

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Graduate Outcomes Contact Details 2022/23

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International telephone

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Short nameINTTEL

This field records the graduate's international telephone number.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales



This field captures an overseas personal home, work or mobile phone number (not including UK mobile numbers).

Providers should be focused on returning the best contact details that they hold for a graduate, therefore, it is recommended that a maximum of 3 contact details are returned for each of the different types of contact detail. All contact details should be current and be the personal contact details for the graduate as provided and verified by that graduate. What we also mean by ‘best’ is the supply of contact details that are most likely to elicit a response to the survey. This can be determined by recent contact with the graduate via this contact detail.

Graduates will be called on the telephone number allocated to position one before subsequent numbers are tried. Once a successful contact is made on one number, this contact detail is prioritised for any future calls. INTTEL can not be returned for graduates with a HOMEEUOS = 3 (Overseas) as they will not be called.

(HOMEEUOS is a flag used to identify graduates’ home domicile using the derived fields in the yy056 Student return).

Field Name Code Derived from
3 (Overseas) Z_PERMADDGRP3 = 03
4 (Not known) Z_PERMADDGRP3 = Z9

Telephone numbers for the following third parties are not permitted: Agents or recruitment agency, companies that support international students studying abroad, referees (e.g. for UCAS), sponsors, university lecturers / academics, international study centre, dummy telephone numbers.

Submission of shared telephone numbers is not best practice. Validation in the provider portal will identify duplicate contact details. Providers are required to review any triggering quality rules and make amendments where necessary.

Providers must return 00 (UK International direct dialling) and a valid country dialling code ( at the beginning of the telephone number.

For example Spain (from UK): 00341234567890, 00 (UK international access code) 34 (country code) plus telephone number (can include area code number if required).

Instructions on how to dial international numbers can be found here.

For graduates with a HOMEEUOS = 1 or 2 at least one telephone number (Graduate.UKTEL , Graduate.UKMOB or Graduate.INTTEL) needs to be returned to enable HESA to have the best possible opportunity to contact the graduate. It is recommended that providers return up to 3 legitimate telephone numbers as are given to them by the graduate. For graduates with HOMEEUOS =3 we would encourage you to return a UKMOB number for sending SMS texts with a link to the survey.

View more guidance on the creation of accurate personal contact details.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here
Reason required To enable a valid method of contact between HESA and the graduate.
Part of
Field length17
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences3
Schema components
Element: INTTEL
Data type: INTTELType
Date modified2024-05-01
Change management notesGuidance updated, for the derived field used to derive HOMEEUOS to align with the with Student (056) collection.

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