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Staff 2023/24 - Academic employment function

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Staff 2023/24

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Academic employment function

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valid entries
Short nameACEMPFUN

This field records the employment function of the contract for staff with contracts in SOC2020 Major Groups 1-3

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All contracts where Activity.ACTSOC2020 is in SOC2020 major groups 1, 2 or 3.

Valid entries and labels
1Academic contract that is teaching only
2Academic contract that is research only
3Academic contract that is both teaching and research
4Not an academic contract
9Academic contract that is neither teaching nor research

This field should show the employment function for the contract at the return date or the end date of the contract if earlier. The employment function relates to the contract of employment and not to the actual work undertaken.

Valid entry code 1 applies only to contracts indicating that staff are teaching only.

Valid entry code 2 should be used for those contracts where the primary academic employment function is research only, even though the contract may include a limited number of hours teaching (up to 6 hours per week or pro-rata for part-time staff). This code is particularly important for higher education providers (HEPs) in Scotland, as SFC has a specific need to monitor Contract Research Staff (CRS).

Valid entry code 3 applies to contracts that include 6 or more hours of teaching per week (averaged over the number of actual teaching weeks) as a minimum (pro-rata for part-time staff) and the remaining contract hours as research only.

Teaching should include all related activities such as tutoring and preparation.

If a contract is for both academic and non-academic work then the appropriate code from 1 to 3 should only be used where the primary employment function is teaching and/or research.

Valid entry code 9 should be used for academic contracts where the primary employment function is not teaching and/or research.

Quality rules
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Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Change management notesCoverage updated to adopt the SOC2020 major groups.

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