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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24 - Start date of ITT course

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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24

Fields required from institutions in England

Start date of ITT course

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This field indicates the date the ITT course (to gain QTS) officially starts.

Applicable toEngland

All students


All date fields in this collection must be completed using the ISO8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD. The specification of this field falls within the scope of the Aligned Data Definitions and follows the Data Standards in the HESA record.

If a student transfers from one provider to another, the date the ITT course (to gain QTS) started at the current provider should be returned in this field.

If a student withdrew from an ITT course in a previous reporting period and returns, then the start date of the original ITT course should be returned in this field if the trainee is still finishing the same engagement. This will usually be the result of a trainee changing their mind about withdrawing and deciding to come back to finish the course. If a trainee is starting a new course from scratch and coming back after a withdrawal, then the engagement has changed, and a new ITTSTARTDATE should be returned.

If a student transfers from a non-ITT course to an ITT course at the same provider, the date that they started the ITT course should be returned in the Student.TRAINEESTARTDATE field.

If a student becomes dormant/deferred and later reinstates/returns as part of the same engagement, the ITTSTARTDATE should remain the same.

Quality rules
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Reason required To determine whether to include a student in any particular population definition; to calculate the duration of a student's education and information required for funding.  The Teacher Analytics Division, responsible for the ITT Census and Performance Profile publication, will use the trainee start date for their analysis, or ITT Start Date in its absence.
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Field length10
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
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OwnerDepartment for Education
Date modified2023-11-22
Change management notesGuidance has been updated to clarify that the start date of the ITT course should be returned in Student.TRAINEESTARTDATE field if a student transfer from a non-ITT course at the same provider.

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