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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24 - Previous qualificationPreviousQualification

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Initial Teacher Training 2023/24

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Previous qualification

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Short namePreviousQualification

To record qualifications held prior to the start of the course

Applicable toEngland

All postgraduate course entrants, that is, students where Student.ITTSTARTDATE is in the current reporting period and Student.QLAIM is a postgraduate qualification (Student.QLAIM = 020, 021, 031, 032) or (Student.TTCID = 1 and Student.ITTAIM = 201).


This entity records the relevant previous degree qualifications the student has gained, such as an undergraduate degree, masters or PhD etc.

Quality rules
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Reason required To enable multiple qualifications to be returned. In some cases, the first degree obtained by a student may not necessarily be the most appropriate one to use for funding purposes. Enabling multiple qualifications to be entered allows the HE provider to distinguish.
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences5
Schema components
Has parts
Date modified2023-11-22
Change management notesCoverage has been updated to include data from Student.ITTSTARTDATE in determining whether a student is within the coverage of the field.

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