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Reporting year of HESA course

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valid entries
Short nameHESAYEAR

This field records the year the HESACourse.HESACOURSEID relates to.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All HESACourses.

Valid entries and labels
2020The course identifier is applicable to 2020/21
2021The course identifier is applicable to 2021/22
2022The course identifier is applicable to 2022/23

This field indicates which year HESACourse.HESACOURSEID relates to, i.e. in which year this course was returned in the HESA Student or AP Student record (now called Student Alternative from C19054).

Within a KISCourse, if a HESACourse uses the earliest HESAYEAR value, it must be accompanied by one or more entities with sequential HESAYEAR values.

Within a KISCourse, if a HESACourse contains the latest HESAYEAR value, it must either be alone or the KISCourse would be expected to include one or more HESACourse entities with the immediately preceding HESAYEAR value(s) also.

Where a HESACourse.HESACOURSEID applies to multiple years of data in the Student record, the HESACourse entity should be repeated for each of those years.

Quality rules
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Reason required Linking to HESA.
Part of
Field length4
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Date modified2024-05-01
Change management notesValid entries updated to add 2022 and remove 2019.

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