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Upcoming data releases

We publish a range of data releases each year, covering all aspects of higher education.

This page lists planned releases for the next six months. We will confirm the exact date of release at least 4 weeks before publication. If it is necessary to change a publication date, we will update this webpage accordingly. For published statistics please see Open data and official statistics and News and insight. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

COVID-19 and the production of statistics

Due to the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) we anticipate that there might be some changes in terms of our regular statistical production. The current disruption to the UK could affect the publishing schedule for some of our statistics. In some cases, the production of some data series may need to be suspended or delayed.

Decisions will be made on a case by case basis, taking into account what information is currently relevant given the situation, with the three pillars of the Code of Practice for Statistics (Trustworthiness, Quality and Value) guiding our decisions. Giving everyone access to statistics at the same time remains a fundamental principle of the Code, but where this cannot be maintained we will be open and transparent about this and any other potential effects on our statistics. These decisions will be underpinned by the Office for Statistics Regulation’s guidance on Changes to statistical outputs during the coronavirus outbreak.

We remain committed to providing the best and most accurate information we can and we will keep you informed as developments unfold.

open-data  All releases listed below are published as open data under the Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 licence unless otherwise specified.

View the latest open data releases


  • Higher Education Provider Data: Finance

    Official Statistics

    31 March 2020

    The full finance statistics return for UK higher education providers including income and expenditure analysis and balance sheet information - updated with 2018/19 data.

  • Higher Education Provider Data: HE Business and Community Interaction

    Official Statistics

    2 April 2020

    The full HE Business and Community Interaction return for UK higher education providers - updated with 2018/19 data.

  • Higher Education Graduate Outcomes Statistics: UK, 2017/18

    Statistical Bulletin

    April 2020

    Experimental statistics - Results of the Graduate Outcomes survey - activities of graduates who obtained qualifications during the academic year 2017/18

  • Higher Education Graduate Outcomes Data

    Official Statistics

    April 2020

    Experimental statistics - Detailed open data tables of Graduate Outcomes statistics for 2017/18.

  • UK Performance Indicators: Graduate outcomes, 2017/18

    UK Performance Indicators

    May 2020

    Experimental statistics

    The planned publication month for Experimental UK Performance Indicators for graduate outcomes has been changed from April to May 2020. This is to enable more time to determine the appropriate methodology for the creation of a graduate outcomes indicator from the new Graduate Outcomes survey.

  • Higher Education Provider Data: Estates Management

    Official Statistics

    May 2020

    Environmental Information for UK higher education providers from the Estates Management record - updated for 2018/19